The Regional Family Food and Resources Limited

Is an organisation design where food is donated by the community is banked and can be drawn by people in crisis? We will provide a minimum of 3 days emergency food to men, women and children that are in crisis within local communities. RFFR will operate as a referrals scheme to work with registered frontline care professionals such as: Health Visitors, Social workers, Carers, Schools, Church pastoral workers, Doctors surgeries and Probation services to give RFFR vouchers to people in crisis.

At the Regional Family Food and Resources Limited 

We believe that as the word of Jesus’ said in (Matthew 25: 35-36) “ For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink; I was a stranger and you invited me in; I was naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me; I was in prison and you visited me”.


The commitment of everyone going to be bed fed is at the core of the work we do at The Regional Family Food and Resources Limited


Audrey Humes

Founder and Chairman

Our founder, Audrey, grew up in rural Jamaica in the working-class poor family. While in Jamaica, Audrey worked for the Ministry of National Security and Justice as a data analyst. She held this post for over 3 years before moving to the UK over twenty-two plus years. Where she studied Accounting. Audrey also has qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Mentoring and Teaching Assistant.

Audrey got the idea to start Regional Family Food and Resources LTD, while working for the largest supermarket chain in the UK. It is through her charity work: supporting residents, schools, youth clubs and community foodbanks, where Audrey was inspired to start her charity project, with the intention of supporting local people in her country of birth. With the help and support of Families and Friends from the UK, USA and Jamaica.

Audrey is committed to supporting the Regions (Parishes) by providing food and resources to the most vulnerable families. Audrey hopes to build partnerships with Jamaica’s businesses and distribution centres, with the end goal being to eliminate the cycle of poverty that effects a large proportion of Jamaica’s population. Audrey has identified a need for education and through RFFR, plans to set up seminars in areas such as money management and budgeting to help the community bridge the gap between sustainability and poverty.

She founded The Regional Family Food and Resources Limited

to be the kind of help that the 268,800 people that are close to poverty line, 14 thousand are in extreme poverty (estimated in July 2017). The Highest poverty rates are in Kingston and St Andrew. Every people go hungry in Jamaica for reasons ranging from unemployment, redundancy or receiving an unexpected bill on a low income.

Allison Keen

 US-Based Board Member of RFFR and Focuses Primarily on The North America Region.

 A Former Employee of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica and Having worked at the United Nations Directly Serving Various Governmental and Non-Governmental Bodies by Liaising between Delegates and the Secretariat, She developed an interest to advocate for Humanity and fully supports giving back.  She has a passion for Serving, Strongly Believes In Helping the less Fortunate, and hopes to Partner with Organizations for the Benefit of the Most Vulnerable Within Jamaica.

Rudolph Clarke

UK Board Member of The Regional Family Food and Resources Limited

was grown up in Kingston Jamaica. Rudolph Former employee of The Gleaner Company and J Wray and Nephew of Jamaica. He is a UK Board Member of The Regional Family Food and Resources Limited. His Aim is To Help and Support The Community and Country of Birth.


Our support workshops, mentoring and offering are underpinned by 3 supportive pillars that define how we support women, families in communities across Jamaica.
The RFFR is founded on three pillars: CHRITIANITY, COMMUNITY AND CHARITY.


Our work is built on Christian values of Compassion, Integrity and Commitment. We put the love of Jesus in the heart of everything we do.


 Togetherness, providing a Safe non-judgemental place in which to sit and be heard and for Businesses to feel a part of the community they serve.


 Charity start from home, kindness, giving and duty. RFFR take time to listen and signpost clients to further support. This will be achieved by empowering churches, schools and businesses with the necessary tools, training and back up required to set up and run a successful RFFR (Foodbank) in their communities.


The objects for which the Regional Family Food and Resources Limited is established are:



  • The RFFR is committed to working in partnership with regions (Parishes) Businesses and Distribution Centres in Jamaica, launching life changing poverty cycle, planned and sustainable community-based projects from a Christian perspective.
  • Providing short term relief of giving food to people in crisis by providing free emergency food for 3 days (10 balanced meals), in our local communities. We will be collecting food from the public at Supermarkets collection days, from churches, Schools and through local groups which will be stored in a centre.
  • RFFR will operate as a referrals scheme to work with registered Frontline care professionals such as Health visitors, Social Workers, Church pastoral workers, Doctors surgeries, Schools, Carers, Carers centres and Probation services each care professional will be given vouchers redeemable at RFFR allow clients to exchange their voucher for 3 days of tinned, dry food and other resources for their family. This is our preferred way because it enables us to come along side those in need, offer them a cup of tea or coffee, provide a safe non-judgmental place in which to sit and be heard, and to find out about possible areas of help.
  • RFFR offers one-stop access to a multi-agency platform, debt counselling, advocacy, educational training, and health visitors assistance. This facility is designed to enable recipients to begin to effectively break their long-term cycle of poverty and has received considerable support from local care professionals some of whom would like to co-locate in RFFR.
  • To improve the health, economic and social conditions of children and family throughout Jamaica through the collection and distribution of food clothing and other resources.
  • The project will also support Mentally and physically challenged individuals through the “support volunteer scheme”, that will allow persons unable to work in the community to be involved on numerous levels based on their conditions. We will deploy the volunteers in the centre, and at supermarket collections.
  • To assist with the acquisition of books, computers, educational resources, sporting gears and equipment for schools and learning institutions in Jamaica.
  • To liaise, collaborate with or to conduct exchange projects with local and international bodies, organisations or institutions having similar or compatible interest described in the objects set out above.
  • The RFFR mission is to replicate the Regional Family Food and Resources Project throughout Jamaica: “EVERY PARISH SHOULD HAVE ONE”. This will be achieved by empowering churches, schools and business with necessary tools, training and back up if required to set up and run a successful RFFR in their communities.